Friday, January 13, 2023

New Year, New space

As usual the New year has begun and with it so much fun. I have a new sewing space, which is very exciting.
I have begun to arrange my space which is challenging yet enjoyable. 
So far I have setup a few shelves and two sewing stations. 
I am discovering that my stash has grown in the past year substantially. Or maybe it has been growing for many year 🤔 I just get to finally take inventory of everything and have it all in the same space.
Here is a peak of what I've done so far....

My friend Kathy, was over yesterday and she helped me sort through the boxes of fabric. I'm so grateful for wonderful friends.
I look forward to a fun year of creating wonderful things in this new space.

Happy sewing!!

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  1. How fun to have a new sewing space! I don't think I could ever fit all my sewing stuff in one room (not counting all the machines). Have fun setting up your new space (and decorating those blank walls with cute little quilts).


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