Sunday, April 28, 2019

April final thoughts

April has been busy and has just flown by. The weather has been on and off rainy and sunshine with some wind mixed in. I have only had a couple of days to work in my yard and I hope it doesn't get ahead of m. The daffodil have been blooming for couple of weeks. Waving their little faces in the wind. The tulips started to bloom while I was out of town this week. I just love spring.

Update on my quilting foot. My husband was unable to pull the needle out but he did break it off and smooth it down so I can use it.

I went to a dance competition in Cour de Lane and watched my granddaughter clog on Friday and then I spent Saturday at their house in TriCities and went to the grandsons lacrosse tournament after we cleaned and organized my daughters quilt room. She wanted me to help her on 3 quilts she is making for up coming graduations, but I can't work in a mess so it had to be cleaned. We went and bought some storage containers and baskets so that it might stay a little more organized. I found a rolling craft cart that I liked on sale that I am using for my long arm supplies. I was using a wire one from Wal Mart but I loved the color of this one. They have ones with attachments that hang on the sides but my space is to small so I just got the plain one from Michaels.

I decided that I wanted to make a jelly roll rug and I have lots of left over scrap batting so I spent a little time cutting 2.5 inch strips. Not sure if I have enough but there is more batting where that came from. It seems like no matter how many projects I make with my scrap batting that there is always lots still there. Maybe it multiplies just like my fabric does while I am not looking.

I love that spring is here. Have a productive awesome week. 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Rain and Quilts

It has been raining like cats and dogs but gives me the excuse to quilt instead of gardening. So here are a two of three charity quilts that I got done this month so far. I did another one that was red and green blocks with a dark green back ground but I forgot to take a picture.

 I sewed my thumb binding a quilt that I gave my daughter. I was lucky it wasn't to bad but it hurt like the dickens. My husband had to fix me up because I was shaking so bad I couldn't put a bandage on.

And then a few days later I sewed my ruler foot on my long arm and now I can't get the needle out. Good thing I have more than one foot and I am glad it wasn't my thumb. Any ideas on how to get it out or should I just break if off and use it with the piece struck in it?

I love these colors and I had a request for a quilt using them. I am going to use the tube method and make a Summer in the Park quilt from a Missouri Star Tutorial that I watched. So stay tuned.