Sunday, November 27, 2011

Scenic Pictures of our Vacation

The following are some of the pictures I took on our 2 week vacation. We went to visit my mother in Louisiana and our oldest son in Oklahoma. This first picture was taken in southern Utah in the St. George area.

This next picture was taken while we traveled across the top of New Mexico.

This picture was taken when we crossed the Historic Navajo Bridge over the Colorado River.

Texas looks a little dry even for this time of the year.

The next 2 pictures are of Chimney Rock in Nebraska.

This last picture is of the Little Big Horn in Wyoming where Custards last stand happened.

We had a great time but I sure am glad to be home. I will post some quilting related pictures later.

For Cyber Monday, I am having all fat quarters for a $1, you can name your own bundle or pick from the ones in the precut section of the store.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jean Skirts- DIY

I saw something about making a jean skirt out of old jeans awhile ago and really wanted to try it. I have made two and they were easy as 1-2-3 after I figured out how to do it. I have a ton more ideas on ways to do them that I just want to make some more. Plus, my daughter has a bunch of old jeans... too bad she can not wear jean skirts everyday!! Oh, well they will have to wait as Christmas is just around the corner and I am not done with my Christmas projects yet....

What do you think? Should I do a tutorial?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cake... I like to eat it too....

I had a request for red velvet cake and who am I to say no.... so here are a few picture of the cake process... oh the cake is so yummy!!! no wonder I could not say no. This has become a family and work favorite.Can you believe they turned out this flat... no cave in holes here....

Frosting......... yum! the frosting with two packages of cream cheese is to die for literally....

Where oh where am I?

Believe it or not, Louisiana visiting my mother. I have pictures but will have to load them later. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? I am not repeat not having quilting withdrawals. My mom has two quilts on frames so I am doing hand quilting which I dont do much because I dont have time. Pictures to come.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Drunkards Path Update

I posted a quilt made by Jennifer from this pattern called French Quarter by Fig Tree & Co. If you like it you can order it from them. Inspired by a traditional Drunkard's Patch, this version requires no curves, just the illusion of curves, created with simple strip piecing. It is a one block design and it is all in the placement of the blocks. A quilt for beginners and seasoned quilters alike. Sure to be a pattern you come back to again and again! Pattern includes special tips on color placement as well as easy layout instructions.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pot Holder... mess

So, if it is easy, I am going to make a mess out of it. (I started this before the cleaning project in case you where wondering.. you can even see it in the picture).

This potholder looked cute and easy... well cute.. easy maybe for some (everyone but me).

I started with some fat quarters, did some cutting, some sewing, some machine quilting and ....

this is the mess I have.... it's the wrong size, it's too thick, its actually cuter than I thought, but it is a horrible disaster... what a disappointment...

not sure if I can bring myself to finish/fix.....

Monday, November 7, 2011

Drunkards Path

My daughter Jennifer pieced this quilt top and gave it to me about a year ago along with several other quilts for me to quilt. I hadn't done it because it still needed borders. Well she wanted it for a Christmas present, so I put borders on it this last weekend and I quilted it after I came home this evening. I am tired but the good part is the machine cooperated and I didn't have to take any stitches out. It is just a simple wandering stitch because of the limitations of the sewing machine. I am done, done, done, yea, yea, yea!!!!!! Now on to my projects.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What is on your Christmas List?

Look what I got from Button Mad . Aren't they the cutiest lady bugs. They have some awesome buttons and other things also.

Christmas is coming and I have made a list, well a partial one anyway and have ordered some of the items on that list but I still have no clue what to do for some people on my list. How about you? I don't want to spend my time stressing over making homemade for everyone but to buy is expensive. Maybe I should do the bah hum bug and give nothing. I threaten but I just can't bring myself not to give presents to the grand kids. So back to work, an idea will come, soon I hope. What ideas do you have for the little ones under 8? This month is going to go by quickly. On your mark get set go!!

Do you need an idea for a present? I have charm packs from Moda and I am putting all the books and patterns on sale for 35% for the month of November, plus free shipping on orders over $25 here in the states. So take a look at the store, there might be something that you could give to a quilting friend. Thanks for stopping by and for all your comments.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall- Pumpkin Table runner

Fall is almost over and Halloween has come and gone all of which makes me sad. Where has the year gone? Were does time go???

We plant pumpkins every year for the kids and some years we get a good harvest and others... not so exciting. This year we got 12 pumpkins from 4 plants!!! WOOO HOOO! Some of the bigger ones are still green... but you can still crave them.

We placed faces like potato heads in the smaller ones and craved the bigger ones! We had fun!

A few years ago I saw a pumpkin table runner from The Green Fairy Quilts that was way cute and seemed easy... so I made one. A present for a friend's birthday this month. It went together fast..

I cheated--- she sewed different orange pieces together and I just happened to have an orange piece that had lines... so I skipped that step.

I am horrible at quilting and I really did not want to mess this up so I made this paper template in excel.... and I am so proud of myself because it work for me!!! and looks cool... at least I thought it did. It was so easy to follow the template I am going to do this again.

This is the back-- what do you think???

This is the front.. I was so excited to try the template out I forgot to change thread... I was so mad at myself... but the white turned out okay....

All rolled up and tied with string!! I hope she liked it. I dropped it off and she was not home.... hum... I almost want to call and see if she liked it.....

You can get this tutorial from Judy at Green Fairy Quilts

Have a wonderful week!!