Monday, December 28, 2015

Moda Sampler Block Shuffle

Starting today I am going to make available 3 free patterns from Moda downloadable each week. These will make a terrific sampler quilt. There will be 30 blocks all together. There will also be setting instructions provided at the end.

So visit my store website regularly where you will be able to find the block patterns.  Each set of block patterns will only be available for a few weeks so collecting the entire set will require you to visit the store website every week for approximately ten weeks. Even if you are not making the blocks each week, you can collect the patterns to make later.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Week 1 of December and the Sale is still on.

I had great plans and know better than to wait till December to do projects.

I came back from a visit to my mom in Louisiana a week before Thanksgiving with a cold, so I wasn't real productive. Then on Monday I started to feel sickly and by Wednesday I had a full case of the flu. So not feeling like sewing and Christmas is fast approaching. BOO HOO, I had such big plans. Well one of my daughters came over yesterday and spent time quilting her projects but when she was done she helped me with some of mine. And a bonus was I got to enjoy her two little ones. I would post pictures of the projects but that would run the surprise for everyone on our lists.

Here is some fabric, Atelier line from Moda, I just got in last week. I know it has been out for a few months but it is so pretty I thought I would share. These are the colors that I have in the store and I am having a 20% off sale for the whole month of December. If you order over $25 I will include free shipping for this coming week.
 This is the view out my upstairs sewing room window. It was pretty frosty for a week there after the big wind storm.
 This is one tree cut up on a sixteen foot trailer. My son helped his friend cut it after it fell during the big wind storm a couple of weeks ago. Now it sits in our pasture waiting for our son in law to come over with his portable saw mill and cut it up.