Friday, March 10, 2023

Tumbling blocks or 🎁

Here is my Christmas quilt that I finished in February. 

I wasn't going to post a picture because this was going to be a gift,  but I've decided to go ahead and post it anyway. Christmas is a long way from now. 😉

The pattern was out of an old magazine. I added the trees to the top and bottom to make it feel more festive. It's a nice throw size quilt perfect for snuggling on the couch watching hallmark videos.

Have a great day!
😀 Christine 

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Gnomes in the garden

My latest project started out as a small simple quilt that quickly turned into a much larger and more complicated project.
A friend and I found some really cute gnome fabric while we were quilt shop hopping. We challenged each other to make something that was our own pattern.
Well it took me several weeks and lots of reworking to come up with this quilt top.
It was a lot of fun to make but ended up being more work than I had anticipated. 
I think it turned out cute.
It's a great quilt to get you in the mood for spring and gardening.

Hope you all are enjoying your projects and having success quilting. 

If you need a new project hop on over to the Inchworm Fabrics store and grab some fabric. We have a lot of quilt pattern books that are full of fun and easy projects.

Happy sewing! 😊 


Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Happy Valentines 💝

I spent Monday evening and Tuesday morning working on this table topper.
Again I didn't have a pattern, just a picture, so it took some work figuring out the measurements but I think it turned out cute.
Hope you enjoyed Valentines day wether you celebrate it or not.

Happy sewing.
 😊 Christine 

First quilt of the year is finished

Here is my first quilt of the year 2023 finished and ready to go to its new home. It's a gift for my nephew from his Abuela and I. 
I hope he we likes it.

I found the tiger panel at a local quilt shop. I did not have a pattern but saw a picture of someone else's quilt online that looked like this but with other border fabrics. It was so stunning, so I had to copy it. I'm so thankful for the creative people out there in the world who share there creations with others. So I take no credit for the pattern itself, only the construction of this quilt.
Well I best be getting back to my other projects so they don't end up in the UFO pile. 

Happy sewing. 
😊 Christine 

Friday, January 13, 2023

New Year, New space

As usual the New year has begun and with it so much fun. I have a new sewing space, which is very exciting.
I have begun to arrange my space which is challenging yet enjoyable. 
So far I have setup a few shelves and two sewing stations. 
I am discovering that my stash has grown in the past year substantially. Or maybe it has been growing for many year 🤔 I just get to finally take inventory of everything and have it all in the same space.
Here is a peak of what I've done so far....

My friend Kathy, was over yesterday and she helped me sort through the boxes of fabric. I'm so grateful for wonderful friends.
I look forward to a fun year of creating wonderful things in this new space.

Happy sewing!!

Monday, January 9, 2023

Stitch n the ditch

I'm practicing quilting on my domestic machine. I have a EverSewn sparrow30s. I have been sewing a lot of quilt tops and making other small items with this machine, since I got it. I have just started doing a little quilting. I love the walking foot which makes quilting in the ditch fairly easy. So far I have quilted one baby quilt, three throw size quilts and I'm almost finished with my fourth throw size quilt. 
My lovely Aunt Barbara gave me a pair of quilting gloves. They help with this process so much. The gloves definitely relieve the strain on my hands and wrists that I was experiencing. 

Here's a picture of my nice gloves, machine and the fourth quilt.
I am definitely loving my machine. It is smooth and has so many cool options. I look forward to learning more of them this year.

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Quilting fun...


Another quilt made for my friend. It is so fun to quilt with a purpose. 
I love making these for my friends grandkids.  
This quilt is for a young girl, who loves puppies and the color green. 
Hope she enjoys it! 

On to the next quilt...cats and the color red😉

Happy quilting ya'll!