Friday, April 26, 2013

Daydream Believer by Kathy Brown (Short Tutorial)

If you can remember the Monkeys than you are as old as I am or older. I was a preteen and like alot of girls at the time I thought they were so groovy.  I had a 4 track player, remember those, they weren't around long. I only had a few tapes but one was the Monkeys and I remember it was my favorite and I loved the song Daydream Believer. Well Kathy Brown in her book Strip Smart has a quilt that she named after this song in memory of Davy Jones. Well Barb from Bejeweled quilt had someone who wanted this quilt, king size and she asked me to make it. It actually is a fairly simple quilt and is going together fast. If I didn't have my day job I would be done by now.

 Here is my progress so far.
 There are three strips. The dark is 3.5 and the medium and light are 2.5. I sewed them all together. The book has smaller strips but I didn't want to take foreverrrrrr to make a king sized quilt. Then they had to be starched and ironed so they would hold their shape after they are cut.
 The book uses a special triangle ruler which I didn't have so I used my flip set ruler instead and it worked perfect.I got 4 triangles and sometimes 5 out of every strip set. One set has the dark on the bottom and one has the light on the bottom. So now I have two piles.

 This is from one strip, 2 halves of a block.
 Here are the finished blocks. One dark and one light.
Well those are the two blocks, easy peasy. Hope you enjoyed the quick tutorial. Now I have all the rest to sew. That stack of triangles aren't going to sew themselves. So back to the grind stone. Happy quilting all.

P.S. I have added new fabric to the store, some new precuts from Riley Blake. I would love for you to take a look. I look everyday and they sure are pretty and I will share.............for a price. HA

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Faux piped binding and baby hourglass quilt-- DONE!!

Made two of this- just in different colors.

made one of these- this was from a drawing my niece made

made two of this in different sizes

As you can see I've been working on non- quilty things... my nieces needed help with their costumes... so I tried this little adventure and let's just say that I like the creation process (no patterns) but I do not like sewing for people to wear... I unpicked and changed things so many times because I wanted them perfect that I was going crazy!!!! I made 5 shirts and one pair of pants and fixed the sleeves on another costume...... this took all of my quilting time and some but I finally got around to finishing this little quilt

..... I quilted it on my little sewing machine--- I quilted butterflies and put a faux piped binding on it.... its' not perfect but I think it turned out super cute!!
hourglass baby quilt
 I'm really proud of myself for doing it myself--- trying something new... but I'm a little on the I'm tired of sewing... what is wrong with me.... I have lots of WIP's that need to be done!!!

faux binding
folded up- you can see I used a couple of different colors
the back with minkee- you can kind of see the butterflies
you can see the butterflies and the faux piped binding
 Can you see the faux piping on the binding? I was at Walmart looking at quilting magazines and someone reached around me to grab a quilt magazine--- (what are the odds?) she asked if I quilted and then she invited me to the quilting gild-- what a quilting gild? I was super excited that would be a TON of fun. Anyway she told me that they had just had a meeting and someone had done a demo on this faux piping binding and I thought I could do that. I had originally started making prairie points- but I cut them wrong and was having a hard time fixing and so this was a wonderful solution (the prairie points are in the naughty corner). I tried it and I like it-- what do you think? All you have to do is cut out one piece larger than the other and cut a smaller piece and sew them together the width of your favorite binding and then sew it on the back of the quilt and then sew in the ditch on the front. ... I should have taken pictures while I was making this one..... sorry I don't think that well late at night. so I took a couple of faux pictures so you can see how to do it. I'm definitely going to do this again. saved me from having to sew the edge perfect and catch the back..... which I can never do.

I used a 2" strip and a 1 1/2" strip sewed together and ironed them in half
this will be the top
this will be the inside
sew it on the back like this

then you get this when you fold it over to the front and just sew it in the ditch of the binding (between the green and orange)

Well, that's what I've been doing... now I will be taking a break from sewing and quilting..... for awhile... I'm on my way out of town on a business trip and I went to the library and I have a couple of books to read (reading adults books does not happen often at this house).... Have a great week!

Monday, April 8, 2013

DR. Seuss Quilt

Here is my latest project. I saw this pattern on a tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Co. Called Periwinkle and I just had to make it. I had a Dr. Seuss charm pack the Lorax. It took one charm pack and I used a jelly roll to make the back.  It will have to wait in line to get quilted. I already have a elephant baby quilt waiting for me to quilt.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WIP and New Sewing Cupboard

Well, it has been a while since I contributed to the blog, probably because I have been knitting and not sewing much lately....but I couldn't resist showing you what my good...good husband made me....A cupboard to store my stuff in. He just finished it this last weekend. 

My sewing and craft projects have been sitting on my counter since Dec. when my daughter got a "big girl" bed (twin) and my sewing corner and table in her room disappeared.  I think he finally got tired of my mess on the kitchen counter. I'm sad that I  don't have room to leave things out on a table to work on whenever the mood strikes, but glad to have my stuff safe from little fingers. But it turned out great....I am going to have to think up something else for him to make me...he did such a good job. for the WIP it is a new twin quilt for that new "big girl" bed.....I am using the "Sweetcakes" layer cake from Riley Blake that mom has in the store and an old 2009 pattern called Panache by Sanae from Moda. (I tried to find a link to attach, but it has been a while since I downloaded the pattern and I couldn't find it this morning.) So I have all the blocks but the setting blocks for the sides done. I laid my blocks out on the floor so you could see how far I am. I still need to make the side setting blocks and get everything sewn together and the borders on.....

It looks a little bluer in the picture than it does in person. And as for the block placement...just like Jen... I have a hard time with random. I think I rearranged the blocks ten times before I took the picture, and I am still not sure. Well...we will see how it finally turns out!!