Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I just love a cute apron and when I saw this pattern I just had to have it. It was relatively easy to make...

Now I have several apron patterns and a book... and looking at more's like Pandora's box was opened and now I have a bunch of fabric just for aprons and washed it all in the hopes that I will find sometime to make some more aprons. I have two started for the kids... which hopefully I will get done some time soon....

The black and white one I made for a friend. She helped me with a cooking demo and so I made her an apron to say thank you, since she would not let me reimburse her for the money she spent. She is a great person. Thanks Jeanne!!

The next one I made for myself, but I will probably give it away to someone for something and maybe make another.

In case you are wondering that is a lamp shade... I took one on and it looked horrible...

What do you think about aprons? They are fun and for me--- cooking and sewing combined? I am toying with the idea of making some pot holders... something else for the kitchen... and maybe some dish towels.... another item for the kitchen, both of which I need. We have been married 10 years and it seems like everything is falling apart... new bed, new towels, new pot holders, new dish rags and the list just goes on....

I am starting my Christmas list so that I do not have to stay-up till mid night making things at the last minute (high hopes, reality is I will probably be up till midnight) Have you made your Christmas list of project/gifts to make?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baby Quilt

I found a very cute free pattern called O'Baby by 2 mod moms. So I decided to make it out of the Riley Blake Fabric I have. There are 2 of each block for a total of 12. The circles will have rickrack around them and there will be a ruffle around the whole quilt. I was going to put the link but for the life of me I can't find it. I will keep looking and when I do I will give you the link. I had enough fabric left to make a second quilt and I am thinking if I cut them in quarters I can make a drunkards path baby quilt. So as soon as I get done with this one then I will try my idea. Have a happy Wednesday.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


This site has been interrupted...........not with a news flash or anything else earth shattering but with......canning!!! I did so many pears last week, I don't care if I see another one for a very long time. The man of the house has done enough tomatoes to keep us for a good long time. I should be able to get back to sewing soon and I do plan on another giveaway. I need to mail 2 packages and I am behind 4 baby quilts and a wedding quilt and I sure would like to read a few blogs and see what every one is up to these days. One of the daughters is having a baby in the next couple of weeks and one of the daughter in laws is having a baby in December. Not to mention all the yard work that has been neglected. I guess I should put cleaning the spare room on there also, which got interrupted and I have never gotten back. So much to do and so little time to do it in. Hope things slow down soon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby Quilt -- DONE!!!

I made three of these quilts awhile ago-- one pink, one green and one blue. Here is the blue and green ones done!!!! Mom/Jeanette has quilted all three I just need to get on the ball and get the third pink one done. I think I might make one in yellow... when I find the time.

The green one went to a co-worker who had their first baby (a boy) and the second went to a college friend who had their first baby (in New Zealand) a boy on the same day 7 years later after my daughter. Crazy. It cost more to ship the blanket than to make it.... Hope both of them like it. The both have Minkie on the back-- so very soft-- perfect for a baby.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Organized Stashes

Whoa baby did I find the coolest organized stash ever at You just have to go look and read her post it is amazing. I am still in shock and wish I could have her come and organize my stash.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Give away Winner

I used the random integer generator and Christine of Crafty girl creations is the winner. I went to her blog and found out she has 4 year old twins and a new baby last January. Well what a coincidence I have a daughter who has 4 year old twins and a 2 year old and I also have a son with 2 year old twins. What a hand full for anyone. So Christine email me your address and I will send you your mystery fabric.

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2011-09-18 00:35:36 UTC

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jean Quilt -- the easy and fast way

Once again... in a hurry to get something done. This was for a friends son's wedding which I had known about at least two months in advance... but of course two weeks before the wedding I am scrambling, trying to figure out what to do. I thought maybe a gift card and then I thought better, these are good friends, you had better make something and I remembered they had mention wanting a jean quilt...

so I thought great, I have lots of jeans and we can do this... now how do I get this done with work and kids in two weeks.. so we made it the easy way....

10 inch square blocks with fleece on the back and batting in the middle and here it have it... after many late nights... it turned out nice and they said they liked it....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Give Away

Barb at Bejeweled is giving away a $25 gift certificate to my store and I am going to add free shipping to that. The person that wins will have to email me their order and I will try to get it done as soon as she picks a winner. I will be out of town for my day job next week so if it isn't done this weekend it will have to be next weekend.

This is what I have gotten into my sewing room. Not the prettiest storage but I don't like mice in my fabric. Even though I have a mouse zapper and don't get mice often. I hate mices to pieces.

This is what I haven't been able to get in my sewing room. I just ran out of room and I really need to get the spare bedroom cleaned back out. How do you organize your space?

So I am thinking I am going to have a stash giveaway. It will be a mystery what you get but I will fill a priority padded envelope with goodies. Leave a comment and maybe a suggestion or two on how you organize your stash. I think I may have one of these giveaways every week for the rest of the month and maybe next month also. So I will chose a winner next Saturday the 20th when I get back in town.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

crazy blocks

We were asked to make an 8x8 inch block for a couple of lady missionaries... something that was symbolic of our area or us... so I made these crazy looking potatoes... I work with potatoes and I live in Idaho- go figure... anyway they needed them in a hurry and so here you are... someone who will remain nameless said they looked like something that occurs in the restroom... rude..

Friday, September 2, 2011



Astor Manor Table Runner

This project is made with the Aster Manor Fabric. It is so nice in person. I am going to have to work on taking pictures. Usually, I am in a hurry to get the project done that I either forget or I hurry and snap the picture, wrap it and then give it away. I need to get them done sooner so I have time to take a nice picture for everyone.

Anyway this is a table runner-- double sided-- and I wanted to keep it. I made it for a friend for her birthday. Usually, I make their favorite cake or cookie or something, but this time, I wanted to be a true friend. She is working on losing weights, so I thought a treat would not be appropriate. She loved it!! Score one for me!

Pot Holders

I was asked if I would teach a class on making potholders so this is what I have been working on between making pickles and canning peaches.