Friday, May 28, 2010

Congratulations go to Gene

Look who just won an Accuquilt Go. GeneBlack Go to his blog and read all about it and read the little limmerick he won with. Totally awesome.

Amy's Creative Side: Blogger's Quilt Festival - Spring 2010

Amy's Creative Side: Blogger's Quilt Festival - Spring 2010

I'm not sure how many saw the quilt I made for my mother for Mother's Day(2009)... okay so I just made the top and she had to do the rest(Sept 2009)... If we had waited until I got it quilted it would have taken an eternity. I have a hard time finishing projects--okay quilting them-- I would rather make the top, give it to someone else to finish, when my husband's Grandmother was alive she loved to quilt and not piece, sure wish she was here now to help me, we would be quite the team.
Every time I look at it, I see my mistakes... marks of love is what I tell myself (it's really called learning the hard way.) This is my first fan quilt and my first time sewing curves for a quilt. yeah!! I made at least one of my goals this year.. learn something new... curves.

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Bloggers Quilt Festival entry. I am entering this in the festival and have linked this post back so that all can go and see the amazing quilts entered.

This is an octagon quilt that I made for a friend at work. She just moved into a new home and I wanted to make her a house warming gift. It was made with an oriental print of Jars. I just loved this fabric and hated to cut it up but it turned out nicely. I love this pattern because it showcases a piece of fabric really well. I have made several quilts using it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Help me! I can not decide what to do.....

It's the hundred dollar question... how to finish a baby quilt. I am working on two baby quilts for friends that are having girls.... the dilemma that I am having is how to finish it, I have been debating whether to put prairie points or rickrac around the edge or just leave it as it is. Below are the pictures of the baby quilts... (they look a lot cuter in real life)....any suggestions??? HELP!!!

(PS these are made from panels)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Shelves

After showing you my sewing room I decided that I was going to do something about the mess. So I went to Lowes and bought two 72" shelf runners, 8 self supports and two 6foot metal shelves. I screwed the runners into the studs, cut the six foot shelves in to 3 foot sections and this is what it looks like.

This is what it looks like after I put stuff on it. Didnt take me long to fill them up.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Won A Side Winder bobbin winder

For the May Giveaway I won a Side Winder from DC Creations.Check out her site she has the most beautiful Sunbonnet Sue Quilt on there.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some people will do anything to win

It is sad what a person will do for five entries to win an accuquilt go. I Have a Notion is having a give away and the link is on the side.This is what I have to do:Post a in depth look into your fabric stash or sewing area/studio without cleaning or staging a thing (100% honesty only). Photos or videos are a must along with some juicy details :)

This is the computer and books area.I spend a lot of time here on the internet and dreaming of all the quilts I will make.

This is the cutting table, which used to be the door to the closet we tore out. At the moment you cant see the door or the cutting mat as it has a couple of projects on it, in different stages of completion. If there is to much on it I know I cant start something else till I get something out of the way.

This is my sewing area with my two favorite machines. Works pretty good, I dont have to go far to get to either machine or the cutting table which is to the left of the serger. The ironing board is on the back of the door which is to the right of the regular machine. My room is about 9'x10'

This is the fabric stash. It used to be a closet but we had to tear it out to move the water heater and it hasnt been fixed yet. I like to put my fabric in plastic totes mainly because we occasionally have mice problems and I dont like my favorite material to get little nibbles taken out of them.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!! AND THE WINNER IS.......... SARA....... FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE.She wins the Dianthus pattern from Three Swans Studios and the Crazy Eight Honey Bun from Moda.
Thank you everyone for entering it was so much fun to see the two things that each person would choose. I think I like giving away, it is way more fun than getting. There is no stress involved just fun at reading all the comments. Have fun with your pattern and honey bun Sara. I will try to contact you by email to get your address so we can send your winnings to you in the next couple of days.


To be fair, I went and looked over all the commets in the giveaway posts for the honey bun and patterns, I did not want to leave anyone out.
So------the winner is Nanbon44.
Just wanted to thank all of you who posted about this giveaway and please do come back again!!


Inchworm Fabrics is sweeting the pot with this "Lone star Quilting" book....but...and you know there is always a but.....
This giveaway is only for those of you that blog about the honey bun and pattern giveaway.
So once again, only comment here if you have blogged about the honey bun giveaway and if you want to enter the giveaway for the honey bun go here.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Check it out, so awesome. Barb at Bejeweled Quilts received an AccuQuilt Go and she will be giving away another one to some one very lucky. She is doing the dance and so are we. We are so excited for her, she deserves to get one.

We will be announcing the winners to our give away tomorrow. We wish you all good luck and have enjoyed reading your comments. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Life Cycle quilt on Modas Bakeshop

This is a perfect quilt to use with jelly rolls and honey buns. Check it out on Moda's Bakeshop. They have lots of cute quick items to make.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

1/2 yard bundles

There are two 1/2 yard bundles on sale the Civil War and the Aster Manor at the inchworm store . They are bundles of 6- 1/2 yard pieces.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


In answer to some questions. Jennifer the owner of this site is having a girl in June. She already has a daughter and a son. Everyone is excited especially me, I am the grandma and love grandkids. This will make #16.

For a second chance to win the giveaway. You can become a follower and post letting us know you did.

For a third chance to win the giveaway, you can blog about this giveaway and post a link back to us. Just leave us a message that you did and a link to yours so that we can come by and see all the fun posts you are doing.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

EQ 7 Winners

Check out these blogs. They won and are giving away a copy of EQ7
And now, for the winners:
Leeann Hansen

Cherri House

Christine Wipplinger �

Kiyomi Uchiyama

Jennifer Hadlock

Anita Peluso

Viv Wride

Ann Waldron

Susan Brazeal

Mary Hartmann Bowden

Give Away in Celebration of Mothers Day

We are going to have a giveaway in celebration of Mothers Day. We are going to give away a pattern of your choice and a honey bun of your choice. So that means you will have to go on the store site and choose which you like and leave us a message stating your choice. Then we will randomly pick from all that enter. This will go through the
month of May. Have a Happy Mothers Day and don't forget to let your mother know you care.

Patterns, Patterns and more Patterns

Check out our store. We have just added 10 new patterns for you to choose from. There are a variety and these are but a few. I C Monsters is a cute sweatshirt for little kids and big ones alike.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Now for me, just by looking at this fabric I would just go....ohhhhhh who would have guessed, and not even give it a second glance.

Here is another one.

But what amazes me is, you add these to other fabrics and this is what you get....yummy goodness.....and you think to yourself....I would have never guessed.

This fabric is on clearance at Inch Worm Fabrics......come by and see what else is on sale.