Thursday, September 27, 2012

Current project

Feathered Christmas

I just loved this pattern by Cherry Blossom. I used an Asian print from Kona Bay. With the go cutter it didn't take very long to cut. The hardest part was placement and that is because I didn't have steam a seam 2 so I had to make due with the heat n bond that I had, because of course it was late and it is to far to drive to town even if there were somewhere to buy it, which there isn't. I just got it and really wanted to do it. Isn't it cute, I am tickled "green".

Monday, September 24, 2012

Thinking Positive

I just get a kick-out of this little wall hanging. We made it for my daughters teacher who tutored her most of the summer in reading. She can hang this in her classroom. It was really easy and fun.
We started talking about caramel apples at work (don't you just love FALL?). I love them, but I have never made them. So, I accepted the challenge and they turned out okay. I tried to put chocolate on them, but I did something wrong and the chocolate was hard as a rock... never had that experience and by that time I was tired and just wanted to eat an apple with that gooey caramel. Each apple was almost a half pound each. Big and Yummy!!!
Have lots of projects that need to be shared and truthfully need to be finished..... need to finish one before I start another. Have a great day!!! Happy creating!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Giveaway Winners

Time to announce the giveaway winners. Well it is past time. After being out of town for a week I had lots to catch up on but that is neither here nor there. Two winners: the first is Judi from Crafty Mom to 4 and the second winner is Bizy Stitches. I have emailed both, so all they have to do is send me an address and tell me which charm pack from the store they would like and it will be in the mail lickity split.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Today I am giving away 2 Charm Packs of your choice to two winners.... What you see below is just a sample of the Charm packs I have in my store....
everything is 15% off just use the number 15 in the voucher box at checkout.
This giveaway is in honor of Barb's quilt square she designed for the Quilting Gallery.  
Thanks for coming by,  giveaway will go until Sunday.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Giveaway Winner

Hi All

I have chosen a winner for the fall leaves from Barb. It is Gwen from In My Little Corner. If you haven't visited her blog you should she has some awesome pictures of the the Pensacola quilt show. Thanks to all of you who came by and commented on the giveaway.

On Thursday Barb of Bejeweled  is the quilt designer of the day for the Block Party. So if you come back here on Wednesday and leave a comment about her design I will be giving away your choice of a charm pack to two lucky winners. Don't forget that I am having a 15% off sale in the store for the month of September.

Remember earlier this  year we had hail that damaged most of our plants and I was sad about my flowers. Well take a look they bounced back and are looking good. I love this pink rose bush. It has the best fragrance and it is blooming its heart out right now. The petunias and pansy's are trying to keep up with it and look so pretty. I love it when the hottest time of the year is over and the flowers get a second wind before they die for the winter. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hey, this is Barb here.....

I know, you are wondering what I am doing over here on Jeanette's blog.....

I belong over on Bejeweled Quilts....

Well....long story short.

Jeanette is having trouble with her internet and was feeling bad that her blog has been neglected.  So what are sister's for....RIGHT!!
Well.....these precuts were not working for a project I was doing....and boy do I have a ton of these, mostly oak leaves.  

No....these batiks are not from Inchworm Fabrics but she does have some pretty ones...check it out if you get a chance.

So here goes.....just leave a comment.....

When I mail these to you, they may not be the exact ones (that is my disclaimer).

Let's say the winner will be announced Sunday.....and you know what...maybe I will give some away on my blog as well.....hummmmmmmm  like what am I going to do with a million oak leaves?

Don't I have the best sister? 
September is national sewing month and I have a 15% discount going on all orders. Just put the number 15 in the voucher box when you check out to get your discount.