Thursday, November 29, 2018

Cozy Cabins Log Cabin Challenge for Island Batik

This months challenge is any kind of Log Cabin. My sister Barb over at Bejeweled Quilts and I bought this awesome ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful called quick curve ruler, and we both decided we would make the same quilt but with different fabric lines. You should hop on over and see what she has on her blog. I chose Apline Jingle from Island Batik because of course it is getting close to Christmas and I thought it would be fun to make a Christmas quilt. It has definitely been a challenge getting this quilt done not because it was hard but November has been crazy. The log cabin blocks went together fairly fast using Eleanor Burns' quick piecing method.

 Here's a few pictures of the process. Using strips.
After all the blocks are put together I had to get up the courage to cut a corner off with the curve it up ruler. Then the process of sewing a curved white piece back on to make the curved effect.

4 log cabins make the block which ended up being about 20 inches. I thought about just making table toppers out of the 20" block but decided I wanted a Christmas quilt. The quilt is 4 blocks by 5 blocks with 3 borders on it a white one, red one and a green one. The back is holly leaves from Connecting Threads quilt back collection, they were on sale, not sure if they still are or not. This is a queen size quilt.

I put it on the quilt machine and that is where it is still. The machine broke so I had to take it apart and luckily for me it was an easy fix. The timing belt came off and I was able to put it back on. But I ran out of time it is the end of the month so this is it for now.
Happy Holidays

Here is a link to the tutorial from Sew Kind of Wonderful. for their quick curve ruler.