Sunday, June 6, 2021

What the heck it is JUNE already.

Crazy Temperature

We went from 96 degrees last week (a high this time of year by the way) to 55 today. I was wearing shorts and now I am in sweats and a sweatshirt. Crazy days.

I made this star red, white, and blue quilt out of 10" squares. You can find the pattern all over the internet free or design it your self. I wanted a little different look so I designed it myself. I had to make my own layer cake so I cut 10 inch squares out of 11 different fabrics so that I could get the design I wanted. I have them available in the store just click on the picture of the fabric.The first picture is the squares, the second is a quarter of the quilt laid out before it was sewn. The last is the picture of the finished top. I still need to decide on a border or no border.

Honor Service Loyalty-Honor, Service, Loyalty, blue, red, patriotic Navy Patriotic Quilt back-quilt back 108 wide navy stars white

I am thinking of using either of these 2 fabrics for the back. Also available in the store. Which would you use if it were you and would you do a border?

Here are a few other items new in the store Inchworm Fabrics this week.





 Have a great week.