Monday, January 25, 2016

Winner of the Giveaway

I had my sister pick a number didn't feel like being tech savy tonight. Here are two design that I drew out in EQ incorporating multiple ideas from all your responses.Of course my ladies are on point but I couldn't get the design to rotate them. I was thinking about a larger top and bottom border and   narrower sides. Spent Saturday looking for muslin, I had to go buy some more today after work, couldn't seem to find mine anywhere (looked in every box in the sewing room, in the process I did some organizing......side tracked.......again). I also found some more antique quilt tops that I forgot I had.

I did change the orientation of the fans.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Old Blocks

I love old blocks, I can't pass them up when I see them at thrift store or garage sales.
 I have 18 of these beauties, given me by my husbands mother. She said they were made by her mother and some friends when she was a child (some of the fabric was from her leftover dresses), so that would make them about 80 years old or so. It seems they were making a quilt to raffle and had made enough blocks for 2 quilts but only one got put together and the rest have been passed down. They have been in my cedar chest for about 10 years or so. She gave them to me thinking I might actually get them put together, unfortunately I didn't do it before she passed away.

Over the years I have pulled them out and looked at them and lovingly put them away not know what to do with them. The problem is they were put on light weight muslin (what a shame so much work). So I decided that I would put a plain piece of muslin behind them before I set them together and hope they will hold up. I used a whole lapel stick to glue 9 of these to muslin.

 I have 7 married children and I thought it might be nice to give each one a quilt made with antique blocks. So I am splitting the blocks into two quilts (I have other antique blocks that I can split to get enough for everyone) and my Saturday project below is the first of these little lady quilts before borders. I am so excited to put them in a quilt and love the way it is looking. I may have a hard time giving it away.
 For all of you that are saving the Moda sampler block shuffle, I have added 3 more to the Inchworm Store. The only way I can add them is as a picture, so you just have to print the page. Enjoy.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Free Lapel Stick and Moda Patterns

 You can find the patterns on the InchwormFabrics Store free patterns. Also if you order in January you will get a free lapel stick with your order while supplies last.

 Christmas cookie making with a 2 year old. She had a blast. Her older brother lost interest but she stuck it out till we were finished.
Twin 8 year old boys sledding down the hill behind our house. Perfect day and perfect hill for their little sleds. They had the most fun aiming for the gate into the pasture. Dad had to stand guard to make sure no one crashed into the gate post. Grandma and Mom even ventured down the hill on a sled and through the gate into the pasture.
Hot cocoa and chili after all the fun and then some more sledding after getting warmed up.