Monday, June 30, 2014

Disappearing Hour Glass

Barb over a bejeweled just had to show off her block, so I guess I will show what we did. This is what my daughter and I did over the weekend. We watched the tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co and daughter #4 got the bug so we used a layer cake Pheasant Hill by Kansas Troubles Quilters from Moda.
 The above is the stack of hour glass blocks and below is the stack of finished blocks, Bet you cant guess which is larger? Daughter #4 said if I did 7 a night I could get it finished by the weekend. Of course she went home and left them for me to do. She is planning on doing a red white and blue one.
These are great fun and relatively easy. To enjoy the tutorial click on Missouri above. Just squeeze it in between working all day and yard work in the evening. You know you want to besides it is to hot to sleep but not to sew.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Graduation Quilts

I'm finally getting around to posting graduation quilts. Two nieces and one nephew graduated from high school this year. I have pictures of two of the quilts and the other got away without a picture (sorry).

As you can see this one is very scrappy--- I made some of the blocks with scraps from one line and then needed more so I added anther line of fabric scarps. Originally it was just for fun but when I didn't get the graduation quilt that I had intended done this one fit the bill. The picture is kind of dark-- it is a very bright quilt.

This is the only picture I got of this one which will have to do. I really love this one because of the colors. The rich purple is one of my favorites, making this quilt hard to give away.
I was thrilled that they all liked their quilts. I regret my lack of enthusiasm as a kid for homemade anything. I always wanted something store bought. Now I love getting homemade-- so much time and love spent that makes them extra special and they are not cheap :) Thanks Mom for quilting them for me! Wish I could've talked you into the binding. :)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Farmers Market

Youngest daughter and I had a booth at the farmers market in Dayton, WA. Sitting in the shade of beautiful old trees in the little plaza paved with red brick lined with benches all around and the old train station turned museum opposite of where we sat. Lovely lovely day, a reminder of days gone by. It was a little windy but a very nice day. Dayton is such a nice little town and the people are friendly. There will be a car show on Fathers Day weekend that should be fun for the whole family.

After the farmers market the grandkids and I went to the school and flew kites and wouldn't you know it the wind decided to die down while we were there so after about an hour we had to give it up but I think the kids had a blast anyway. They played with their kites all afternoon in their own yard. Nothing says summer like farmers market and flying kites with kids and of course watermelon. Don't you just love it.