Sunday, June 22, 2014

Graduation Quilts

I'm finally getting around to posting graduation quilts. Two nieces and one nephew graduated from high school this year. I have pictures of two of the quilts and the other got away without a picture (sorry).

As you can see this one is very scrappy--- I made some of the blocks with scraps from one line and then needed more so I added anther line of fabric scarps. Originally it was just for fun but when I didn't get the graduation quilt that I had intended done this one fit the bill. The picture is kind of dark-- it is a very bright quilt.

This is the only picture I got of this one which will have to do. I really love this one because of the colors. The rich purple is one of my favorites, making this quilt hard to give away.
I was thrilled that they all liked their quilts. I regret my lack of enthusiasm as a kid for homemade anything. I always wanted something store bought. Now I love getting homemade-- so much time and love spent that makes them extra special and they are not cheap :) Thanks Mom for quilting them for me! Wish I could've talked you into the binding. :)


  1. Those are both wonderful gifts. Lucky recipients!

  2. A quilt is a wonderful graduation gift. I too regret that I didn't express enough appreciation for handmade in my younger days.

  3. Both are really great. I'm not much on purple but I do like bright.


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