Sunday, June 1, 2014

Farmers Market

Youngest daughter and I had a booth at the farmers market in Dayton, WA. Sitting in the shade of beautiful old trees in the little plaza paved with red brick lined with benches all around and the old train station turned museum opposite of where we sat. Lovely lovely day, a reminder of days gone by. It was a little windy but a very nice day. Dayton is such a nice little town and the people are friendly. There will be a car show on Fathers Day weekend that should be fun for the whole family.

After the farmers market the grandkids and I went to the school and flew kites and wouldn't you know it the wind decided to die down while we were there so after about an hour we had to give it up but I think the kids had a blast anyway. They played with their kites all afternoon in their own yard. Nothing says summer like farmers market and flying kites with kids and of course watermelon. Don't you just love it.


  1. NIce! The farmers markets here only have produce - no fun fabric items

  2. Hope you had success at the market


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