Sunday, December 27, 2020

More Christmas Gifts

I thought I would show some non quilt gifts

I have talented sons and son-in-laws also. They are into wood working. My oldest son is remodeling his kitchen and making all the cabinets. I will have to post a picture when he gets it completed. He has been working for months on them and says he may be able to install them in March.

I talked my husband into making some Taylor's Clappers for gifts this year and I made a case for them.












My oldest daughter who quilts, her husband was always giving her a hard time about how much time and money she spent and she was always lamenting that he needed a hobby. Well she got her wish, he has found one and now he spends time and money...haha.. careful what you wish for. Here are some band saw boxes that he made for gifts. He did such a fantastic job. They are solid pieces of wood glued together and then cut out to form the drawers. It is amazing what people have made. If you have never seen these before you will have to google them.

I love seeing the things that other people create. It makes me wish I could work with wood but everyone has their own talent and I will stick with the ones that I have.

Enjoy the rest of 2020 and here's hoping for a better 2021.

Friday, December 25, 2020

Hope Your Christmas was Merry!

This has been a challenging year.

Christmas was peaceful and calm here at our house. Family came last weekend and stayed home today to enjoy their kids and their Christmas. Hope your day was what you planned and that your year is winding down and the next one is better.

My daughters were busy. Here are a few quilts that they made and gave this season.

Daughter #1 did these first two, along with a couple of other projects.




Daughter #2 did these next two quilts for presents for her in-laws. Everyone has been busy working hard and I am sure they are glad for another year to be over.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

A couple of Christmas finishes.

Time waits for no man (or woman in this case)

It seems that even though I am working from home and should have a couple more hours added to my day since I am not driving to work, I should be getting lots done but I don't feel like I am. I keep getting distracted with cleaning, there is lots of years of accumulation that I have been donating or throwing away. It feels good to get some of the clutter gone.

 I did finish a quilt that I started for a Christmas present last year that got side lined when my husband ended up in the hospital with a broken hip. This is before it was quilted and I couldn't find the picture of the finished quilt. It has been sent on its way for Christmas. Feels good to be done. It is grey and teal with a little black and tan mixed in. I used the tube method for making the blocks. Fast and easy. I think the hardest part was putting the random blocks together to make a not so random design.


Barb at Bejeweled Quilts and I do a few projects together and we did a rail fence Christmas table runner. mine is the blue one and hers is the gold one. It is always fun to see our different takes on the same project.










Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.