Friday, October 5, 2018

Needle Paper Scissors Island Batik October Challenge

I know it looks cool when you are done but let me vent for a minute.
 1. I can never get the pieces the right size and I either have to take it out or waste a lot.
 2. I feel like it is such a waste of time to have to pull the papers off.
 3. When pulling the papers off it leaves little pieces that cant be removed.
 4. There is also the problem of the seam coming undone with the paper.
With that being said the finished product does look good. In order to minimize the agony, I made a mug rug using Karen Neary's pattern Winter Star Mug Mat.

I have been wanting to spruce up this tree in my front yard. My husband was kind enough to bring me some blocks home. I was thinking he was bringing me the small 12 inch blocks but he brought the 16 inch blocks which made a nice ring but they were heavier than this old women could hardly handle and to top that off I was one block short. What is that saying? "One block short of a full deck" Oh wait that is one card short.

Have a great evening/weekend.