Sunday, September 29, 2013

A few projects-- unfortunatly none are done

Jeanette/Mom has not had Internet at her house for that last two weeks and has asked me to blog... I have a couple of unfinished project to show you that were supposed to be done by now.... I feel so bad as the retirement party came and went and now the wedding has come and gone... but I am super excited about the projects I have to show...

This is a quilt a group of ladies tied for a friends daughter who got married this weekend.-- Love the model :)
the next quilt we are going to tie for another wedding

It is really hard to find pre-printed tops that you can use to tie. Very discouraging. I went to every store within 40 miles of my house. I found a few more than this but they were not really what I was looking for. There is one more out there that I liked, but it was a little too much $$$ for me to spend. I order a couple off of the net. If you know of a good place to find tops-- please let me know!!
maroon jean quilt top I made for a friend at work- she finished it for her Dad.
I have always wanted to make a Chevron quilt-- I made these blocks twice a big as the tutorial I found on the net.
a white and pink jean quilt top for the same friend- she finished it for her mom.
Don't you just love them??? She did and so did her parents. That makes me so happy!! I just love it when a project is appreciated by the receiver.
A jean quilt I made (currently tying- not done) for a friend's daughter who just got married.
I really wanted to have this done before we left for the weekend, but it just did not work out. I really like this Jean quilt-- it is turning out a lot better than I had thought in my head. The pattern I used also made the "back"-- which I am going to turn into another jean quilt for the next friend's son or daughter getting married (it gives me ahead start). I put fleece on the back instead. I loved getting a jean quilt when I got married. We use it all of the time camping, picnicking, at the park etc. it has been very handy. I hope that this quilt will be used and used.

This last quilt I am in the middle of quilting on my sewing machine.... Almost done... but it has been back breaking. :( I am stopped at deciding how to do the flowers and the outside border......this is for my friend who retired at the beginning of Oct. better late than never, right????

So there they are.. my unfinished but close projects (okay three are actually done). Maybe by this next weekend I will have some others done. I forgot that I have also been helping my mother in-law make a quilt for my nephew who is going to receive his Eagle Scout. The quilt is nice, it has the Boy Scout emblem in the center and a border of patches. Red, White and Blue are the colors. What a treasure for him and a reminder of his hard work to obtain his Eagle. The next time I see it, I will try to remember to take a picture.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Over the River

Mary Walker of Texas hasn't sent me her email so I can send her the fat quarters. Where oh Where are you Mary?

I don't know where the day has gone. Today is the first Saturday in a long time that I had to do what I wanted and I ended up weeding flower beds. While my quilt projects sat untouched in the house waiting for me. The following is my current project that I have spent most of my free time last week working on. It is the stitchery Over the River that I started last year for Christmas. I am wanting to finish for this year. There is one more border of flying geese that goes on it and then of course quilting. I am thinking of doing the 2 dimensional flying geese but I can't decide if I should use white or the light green for the geese background. Hummmm!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Labor Day Giveaway winner!!

Labor day give away. I am so behind on picking a winner. We went to southern Utah and then we had kids and grandkids here till yesterday. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I know it is now the next weekend, so you pick which one you want to consider nice;) Here is a small recap of our drive.

We drove through western Idaho.
Then through southern Idaho to Twin falls.
Then through Nevada, we lived in Wells Nevada for about 11 years and I just love it there. Here is a picture of the Humbolt mountain range.
The we had a longggg stretch of road to Ely Nevada. There is nothing for 2 hours but road and sage brush.

Here is where we entered Utah up into the mountains by Paneca Nevada.

 It took us 20 hours to do over 800 miles coming home. We had a trailer with a tractor on the back. And it was raining cats and dogs from Enterprise Utah to Twin Falls and then after that the weather was nice. It was so good to get home.

The winner of the giveaway is Mary Walker of  Texas. So send me your address and I will send you the two fq bundles.

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