Monday, February 12, 2018

Happy Galentines Day

 Lovely fabrics from Island Batiks make great projects. I made a mug rug for each of my co-workers. I sewed strips together and then cut out a heart shape at an angle. Added cotton batting and a back for an easy peasy project.

Below are a few baby charity quilts that I quilted. Someone at church did the piecing and I put them on my machine and quilted them. I have a couple more that I need to do. One I had to redo the borders because they weren't flat and I didn't think I could get it on the frame without puckers. The other I don't know if I will be able to quilt it, it is so wonky that I am afraid that it may need to be taken completely apart and squared up and resewen. Not sure I have time to do it.


  1. The moment I saw these, I thought what a fun idea to scatter about! I live on an island part time and there is a valentine fairy that shows up most years - these would be fun to add to the day here!


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