Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Granny Squares

Finally--- got my granny squares done... way too many interruptions. In the process I made some small ones for a wall hanging, which was what I was going to make in the first place, but I loved these squares so much that I kept on sewing.... 56 granny squares later this is what I have. I love how bright it is. Love it! I have a real hard time with the random and now I wish I would have planned it out instead of just sewing and sewing and sewing. Now I need to quilt-- I'm thinking a running stitch with different colors of embroidery floss?? what do you think?

I wish I would have seen this post on the moda bake shop for a granny square quilt-- life would have been so much easier. oh, well live and learn right.



  1. OH...I love love love love it!!!

  2. Love your bright and cheerful granny square quilt!

  3. How pretty!! Yes I agree lots of colors of embroidery floss running through it would be quite beautiful.

  4. Love it! This is on my list to do if I can ever get to it :)

  5. I love the colors you chose! I love this pattern and am teaching friends at church how to make it!

  6. Here I sit with tons of fabric and do nothing. You, a full-time worker can still get the quilts done every week/month. You are amazing. I don't know about putting different colors of thread as it may detract from the main pattern and also give the quilt a busy look. You did an exceptional job on this quilt Jeanette. So proud of you.


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