Sunday, October 14, 2012


Here are the stats-

1,000 square blocks (kind of square)
200 half circles
400 half circle curved edges seams
200 triangles
100 footballs
200 weird shaped pieces
6 yards of cream fabric
9.5 yards of green backing fabric
3/4 yard of bias binding for curved edges
8 hours of cutting
48 hours of sewing (late night hours)
6 hours of machine quilting

What do you get????

100 square inches of rings- a double wedding ring quilt to be exact.

This was a rush job. I kind of had an idea that my brother-in-law would be getting married and had already asked what their favorite colors where and had bought the fabric and pattern. I just thought I had at least six months. How wrong was I. They decided to head for Vegas one weekend and came home married. SUPRISE!!! So the sewing marathon began- the goal was to get the quilt done by the wedding reception. So, many many late nights.... a rush shipping to Mom to machine quilt it. (THANKS MOM!! She did a fantastic job on a rush order!!). Ship it back, make the scalloped edges, put on some bias binding and get it done. It was a tall order. One that I'm not ready to repeat... there came a point when it was not fun anymore and the quilt started to look ugly and I just wanted to cry or give them another quilt... but I had already spent the money and lots of time...... aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh just glad to be done. The quilt was finished at 12:38 am the morning of the reception. The package was delivered. It was hard to tell if they liked it or not.... either way at this juncture I really don't care, just relieved to be DONE!!!!! Did I say DONE!!!!!

So here it is in all of it's crazy glory.  Many things I would do different... if I ever decide to do another one.

A little closer view
Here is the free hand quilting...
Here is another picture.


  1. I would think they would love it! Pretty! It is hard to love making anything once it becomes JOB!

  2. I think we all put ourselves in that corner at one time or another. You and your mother did a great job. I'm sure they loved it


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