Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Stuff, Weather, and Strawberries

I came home to a package on my door step that had 12 fabrics of Fandango by Kate Spain. I saw these mini assortments and couldn't resist ordering them just to see what they were. What a pleasant surprise to come home to. Go check it out, there is only 4 yards per bolt but there maybe something you can't do without.

I can't believe the weather, it rained again today and was only 62 degrees, this side of Washington never gets this much rain and isn't this cool in June. We are thinking that the west side fell into the ocean and now we are on the coast.

We have been picking strawberries since Friday and the rain was a welcome relief because I didn't have to go out a pick tonight. I spent my evening updating the store. I should have been cleaning house but oh well, it will be there tomorrow.

Have a great evening.


  1. Let's see - pick strawberrys or play with fabric ---both sound good to me

  2. We're on the coast (way south of you) and we are getting the same weather.

    Love the fabrics.

  3. Love the fabrics...and doubly love me some!

  4. Nice fabrics and choose play with fabrics


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