Friday, December 7, 2012

Two more projects

 The one above is a paver quilt made by Beverly and I quilted it for her. It is a Christmas present, so I won't tell who it is for, won't want to ruin the surprise. The one below is my Feathered Christmas using the pattern by Cherry Blossoms. I quilted it yesterday and put the binding on tonight. I just love her designs. I need to get the wreath on the frame and finish it. I still have a couple of projects that I want to do but I have been working on my stitchery. I really wonder what I was thinking, it is taking me forever to get it done.


  1. I love both projects. YOu and Beverly did great work. I love the Tree in Green!

  2. I like both projects too. That tree is so pretty. Good job on both.

    Uh, what is a paver quilt?


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