Thursday, December 6, 2012

Count Down to Christmas

A couple of months ago I saw this cute board for counting down to Christmas. Everyday you got a piece of chocolate candy. So I bought them clear back in Sept. We finally got around to finishing them last week just in time to start the countdown. We made three of them- using different colors and paper.

Black one 

Red one- the background is a sheet of printed scrapbook paper.

The letters and numbers are white vinyl.

The kids help cut out paper and wrap the chocolates.

  This one was a little more creative in directions on how they hung the chocolates.

 They turned out cute and were easy.

Have a Great Day and a Fabulous week!



  1. Jennifer, that is just awesome and to be able to do it with your fun fun!!!

    There are so many wonderful things out there now that was not available when my children were young.


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