Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Panel & New Shelf!!!

In anticipation of mom making it to my place tomorrow, I finally finished the binding on the Star of Wonder panel by Nancy Halvorsen, that I got from her stash at Thanksgiving.

I was drooling all over it, so I think mom had pity and let me have it. I brought it home and decided to hand quilt it. Not the smartest idea I ever had... especially since those Santas I mentioned earlier this week have been put on hold while I was tatting up a storm. But it turned out great!

The best part, was that my husband got wrangled into helping me build the shelf in the picture. I always wanted one...even though I only have a few wall hangings. But now I might need to make a few more or find some really cute panels. Hmm...the ideas are already brewing.



  1. the shelf and your quilt look great, just in time for Christmas

  2. So when is Chuck going to make me one? I like it! It turned out very nice. You are pretty crazy but we still think your grat!

  3. That shelf is wonderful as well as the panel....lucky you!


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