Thursday, December 20, 2012

Baby Blanket- Jungle Path Baby Quilt

Folded up nicely

Check-out the quilting and the soft minkee

All wrinkly- but done!!!

My two year old loves this-- see her little foot

I got this pattern off of the Moda Bake Shop- it is the Jungle Baby Quilt Pattern by Jessica Kelly. I loved hers and decide to make one... it ended-up being bigger than a baby quilt... so it is more of a Toddler blanket. My two year loves it.... she loves the animals. This is for a special friend who had a baby 11 years after her last one--- OOPPs!! but he is so cute!!

I'm glad to be done!! Thanks Mom for quilting it!


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  2. What a cute blanket.....Jeanette you did a great job quilting it. Looks like you are getting good use out of your new machine.


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