Saturday, May 23, 2020

Is it really May already????

Hello Bloggers are you still out there?

One Wonderful Curve

It has been a year since I have been on and blogged. And a crazy year at that, not one that I would have chosen but it is what it is.

There are lots of new fabrics on the store site, I talked my husband in to taking over the store site so that I could focus on other stuff and the truth be known I wasn't keeping up with it like I should (back to that crazy year).

Barb at Bejeweled quilts and I have done a few projects together early this year before Covid 19 we did one and used the quick curved ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful and a pattern out of 'One Wonderful Curve 12 Contemporary Quilts'  using Asian fabrics from my store.
This is the new ruler, mine doesn't have all the fancy markings but it is really a fun ruler to use.

Wonder Curve Ruler©
Barb and I used the same fabric and pattern but we laid our quilts our differently. This is Barb's she did it like the pattern. It looks like geese flying toward each other. So cute, I love it. It may just take off and fly away. LOL
This is mine and I decided to try a different layout not sure if I really like it. Looks like bats to me. Included is a picture of the fabric that we used and you can find them at InchwormFabrics. The fabrics are so pretty with gold metallic designs in a lot of them. There are purple, teals, red, cream and blacks some with cranes and Asian letters, others, with little blossoms and large blossoms, so calming and enchanting. I just love them.


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Saturday, May 18, 2019

May Thoughts

It seems like time just flies by. We had some warm weather but it didn't last. It rained this week and is cooler again with more rain in the forecast. But hey I am leaving for a conference in Houston tomorrow maybe it will be warmer there. While there I am doing a side trip to visit my mother and sister's, Barb of Bejeweled Quilts and Bev. Some fun times are going to be had with the sewing machines smokin.

Here are a couple of books that I have found fun with lots of great projects.

Ready to move beyond basic bags and totes? Now you can create sophisticated handbags and totes with a modern look. Learn a variety of intermediate to advanced techniques--from installing zippers and magnetic snaps to creating adjustable straps--and find detailed info on selecting the right interfacing, stabilizer, or batting for any project. Choose from 12 new designer-style bags and purses--alternate colorways provide additional inspiration Make use of clearly illustrated, well-tested patterns for sewing attractive bags Add stylish design elements that make your bags stand out: piping, three-dimensional pockets, fabric pleats, and more. Winner in the 2014 PubWest Book Design Awards!Video

 I am in the mood to make bags but I had to clean and get ready to go to Texas, I made a bunch of those cute Clematis Wristlet by Blue Calla for Christmas a couple of years ago and I bought some pink flamingo fabric to make one for my mother but just didn't get it done. Maybe I will take it with me and do it at Barb's. 

 I love Asian fabric and Inchworm Fabrics has this beautiful line.

 Barb and I have both made a quilt using this fabric and we used a pattern from the book "One Wonderful Curve". We are going to post it as soon as I get mine quilted which as you can guess will have to wait till I get back from Texas. Here is the book and a little info.

One Wonderful Curve

Using the Quick Curve Ruler to make a one-size, curved block from simple pieced shapes, this one-size, one-curve block is the basis for each of the amazingly unique quilts. Complete how-to instructions and illustrations. Easy enough for an experienced beginner and challenging enough for an advanced quilter. Note: the Quick Curve Ruler is required and sold separately.
Have a great week and I will be back and roaring to go in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

April final thoughts

April has been busy and has just flown by. The weather has been on and off rainy and sunshine with some wind mixed in. I have only had a couple of days to work in my yard and I hope it doesn't get ahead of m. The daffodil have been blooming for couple of weeks. Waving their little faces in the wind. The tulips started to bloom while I was out of town this week. I just love spring.

Update on my quilting foot. My husband was unable to pull the needle out but he did break it off and smooth it down so I can use it.

I went to a dance competition in Cour de Lane and watched my granddaughter clog on Friday and then I spent Saturday at their house in TriCities and went to the grandsons lacrosse tournament after we cleaned and organized my daughters quilt room. She wanted me to help her on 3 quilts she is making for up coming graduations, but I can't work in a mess so it had to be cleaned. We went and bought some storage containers and baskets so that it might stay a little more organized. I found a rolling craft cart that I liked on sale that I am using for my long arm supplies. I was using a wire one from Wal Mart but I loved the color of this one. They have ones with attachments that hang on the sides but my space is to small so I just got the plain one from Michaels.

I decided that I wanted to make a jelly roll rug and I have lots of left over scrap batting so I spent a little time cutting 2.5 inch strips. Not sure if I have enough but there is more batting where that came from. It seems like no matter how many projects I make with my scrap batting that there is always lots still there. Maybe it multiplies just like my fabric does while I am not looking.

I love that spring is here. Have a productive awesome week. 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Rain and Quilts

It has been raining like cats and dogs but gives me the excuse to quilt instead of gardening. So here are a two of three charity quilts that I got done this month so far. I did another one that was red and green blocks with a dark green back ground but I forgot to take a picture.

 I sewed my thumb binding a quilt that I gave my daughter. I was lucky it wasn't to bad but it hurt like the dickens. My husband had to fix me up because I was shaking so bad I couldn't put a bandage on.

And then a few days later I sewed my ruler foot on my long arm and now I can't get the needle out. Good thing I have more than one foot and I am glad it wasn't my thumb. Any ideas on how to get it out or should I just break if off and use it with the piece struck in it?

I love these colors and I had a request for a quilt using them. I am going to use the tube method and make a Summer in the Park quilt from a Missouri Star Tutorial that I watched. So stay tuned.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Crazy March

Snow and more snow. Now it is melting and there is mud and more mud. Last week there was an awesome moon. It was huge and was in the western sky while the sun was in the eastern sky.  If you look in the photo on the right above the trees you can see the moon. I took the shot about 7:30 am. The one on the right was taken about 6:30 am.

It doesn't seem like I get much done after putting 8 hours at work and driving 2 hours each day but when I look back at the things I have done the last few weeks, I feel like I have accomplished a little. ( I did take some time to read a few books and do a little cooking and cleaning.) Here are a few things I have worked on this month.

I quilted the monkey wrench quilt for my daughter. It feels good to get another quilt out of my UFO bin. The pink one on the right was a quilt that someone at church put together and I quilted it, so that it can be given to someone in need. It is interesting that this simple quilt has a lot of charm and hopefully will bring joy to someone.

 The two blocks are for my participation in a Quilting Life's 2019 half square triangle block of the month. I don't usually do block of the month quilts because I usually never have time to work on them. But I did like she suggested and made my 1/2 square triangles ahead of time and then I just set them together how she suggests for the month. I am actually keeping up with the blocks.YEA!!

I hope you have done a few fun things this month and remember every little bit counts no matter how much time you have to create.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

New Batiks for March

March has come in like a Lion

 Lets hope is goes out like a lamb. But since I am house bound, with nothing but time. Perfect for sewing and staying warm.
 Just in are these lovely Java Batik Fat Quarter Bundles for $25. 
I have a few projects that I am working on, I showed you my village in the previous post. I am also doing a half square triangle block of the month challenge with I am using Vintage Keepsake from Riley Blake for my Project. Such beautiful fabrics.

These are my 3 January blocks. I love how they are turning out. Reminds me of days gone by and the slower pace that life seemed to have. The colors are so calming and yet give the feel of fresh ironed linens.

 Below are my two February Block. They have been so much fun to make. I took a six inch square of white and one of the Vintage Keepsake fabric. Sewed all the way around the outside and then cut on the diagonal both ways. Then I squared the half square units up, ironed them and I did it for each piece in the bundle so that I have a whole pile of half square triangle units. Then when the new blocks come out all I have to do is sew them into the larger block. Doesn't take long at all.

In April I have something fun worked up for Asian fabric, my sister Barb at Bejeweled Quilts is making one also and my daughter is making the cutest mug rugs for April, so stay tuned, you are not going to want to miss the fun.

Remember the mug rug for March is the blue Anvil and if you leave a comment I will pick a winner for a blue charm pack and the Mug Rug.

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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Blue is the color for March

Book Review

Patches of Blue: 17 Patterns and a Gallery of Inspiring Antique Quilts by Edyta Sitar

Front Cover
Fresh and inviting. Restful and relaxing. Simple, yet elegant. No matter how you think of the classic combination of blue and white, this collection of breathtaking quilts is sure to capture your imagination.

Acclaimed author and designer Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts shares dozens of antique quilts in a gallery of inspiring photos and follows with patterns for 17 gorgeous quilt designs. Mixed in with the stunning array of quilts and patterns are photographs taken in and around Edyta's home in southern California.

Take a journey with Edyta as she embraces her fresh start in a new location, exploring the beauty surrounding her. Her signature style is artfully reflected in classic blue-and-white quilts.

Edyta's favorite color is blue. With this book in hand, there's a good chance your favorite color might become blue, too.


Block of the month project.

My sisters, daugthers, nieces and anyone in the family that wanted to participate are doing this Winter Village block of the month by Edyta Sitar. Over the years we have done round robins, block exchanges and other quilty projects as a family but it has been awhile. So my oldest and I wanted to do this project and sent out an email wanting to know if the rest of them were interested in doing it also, I was surprised that we had as many takers as we did. This will be fun to see what everyone comes up with and we don't have to send it or worry about holding someone up when we are late. We can work at our own pace. I decided that I wanted to do mine in blue so here are the colors that I chose and a picture of my first block. 
So what is on your cutting table?

 My youngest daughter made the mug rug out of some of the same material that I am using in my village.  Leave a comment and I will give away the mug rug and a charm pack. Also, if you are interested, InchwormFabric Store has these BLUE fabrics on sale for the month of March. so click on the word BLUE to go to the store.
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