Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snowflakes and Stars

We've been busy crafting with the kids making snowflake ornaments out of beads and stars out of paper. Here are just a few of the snowflakes and stars. The kids had fun and I had fun (not sure John had any fun... crafting is really not his first choice) until the glitter somehow ended up all and I me ALL over the house. These are for their teachers and the people John and I work with. It's always fun to make something together and give away to those we care about. Now we are baking up a storm-- so far 20 loaves of friendship bread.... We've already eaten one which is not helping get it done.
Happy Holidays!!!


  1. The ornaments are so pretty. Nice job.

  2. Beautiful! Is there somewhen on the internet I can get the patterns?

  3. Looks like fun to are a wonderful mom!

  4. Nice ornaments. Have fun. John will survive.


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