Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Short Attention Span

Well, I am going to admit I have a short attention span (or finishing commitment issues!!!). At Thanksgiving mom mentioned that the sewing machine was humming...This was one of the few projects we started.
It is the Little Quilts2 Again! December Santa pattern from The Wooden Bear. We started 5 of these puppies, which all ended up at my house to be finished. (Why do I think..."yeah I can finish these".) I should have sent them home with someone else. I have yet to touch all but Melanie's which is the half finished one in the picture. I will admit I started hers as a trial run...(sorry Mel, I figured you wouldn't mind)..but now hers may be the only one that ever gets finished by Christmas. The guinea pig is not always out of luck I suppose. So what have I been up to....

Yes, you got it....tatting away. I decided to make ornaments for a few friends and neighbors. I have 4 done and 6 to go.... I hope to have them all done by the weekend. This tatting pattern is Kira's Star by Birgit Phelps.

I know I should be finishing those little Santas, but as you will probably find out sooner or later, I am the one daughter who would rather play with yarn and sticks or shuttles and string or a good cross stitch. Granted, I do quilt and sew, but why put awesome variegated thread or yarn on a quilt when it could be something very pretty all on it's own!!! (And yes it is also nice on quilts...)

Maybe when mom visits this weekend she could help finish a few Santas! 



  1. Love your tatted ornaments - I really want to learn how to tat!!

  2. Pretty projects. I have always been interested in learning to tat, also.

  3. I love your projects, and your tatting is just awesome!


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