Monday, December 17, 2012

Winner Winner where are you????????

I should have chosen a winner for the giveaway yesterday but I was out of town for part of the weekend and was lazy when I got home. Well not lazy I guess busy doing Christmas stuff and I have to be honest I finished reading a Christmas novel that I had started. I did get my stichery done, now I need to get the blocks done and quilt it. Not much time left to get all that Christmas stuff done.

Looks like the lucky winner is B Greene.  So email me your address.

This weekend I was at the youngest daughters house and she had to make a run into town for car parts. We were down there so Dad could help her husband fix his car and when they started working on it they found more stuff that needed fixing, what is new. So I stayed home with the kids and she went to town. Well she had a JoAnns coupon for 50% off, can't waste that, so she slipped in real quick to find the book 501 Quilting Motifs. Wow, is it a nice book. I fell in love, so she gave it to me for Christmas and she is going to go back and get her one, another 50% off coupon that wont go to waste. Yea baby, aren't coupons great. Well here is the book cover and the review. It is so awesome and it doesn't matter how you like to quilt, there is useful stuff for all flavors.

A must-have resource for every quilter, this collection features 501 quilting motifs selected from more than 26 years of Quiltmaker magazine. What a value! Now quilters of all levels can finish gorgeous, one-of-a-kind quilts. Handy indexes cross-reference each motif by size and style, so finding the perfect one is quick and easy.

* Get clear guidelines for selecting and transferring motifs

* Find quilting-motif categories such as flowers, feathers, vines and leaves, seasonal and holidays, children and teens, geometric designs, and more

* Discover well over a thousand arrangements featuring the motifs


  1. Congratulations to her. She will be so pleased.

    That sounds like a wonderful book.

  2. Woo Hoo!!! Thanks so much for the great giveaway, Jeanette - I can't wait to get the Alex Anderson books!

  3. That was sure nice of her....the book looks interesting...will have to go to JoAnn's and check it out and remember to take coupon.


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