Saturday, October 8, 2011

using my memories to make sticthing patterns

You have to try this... it is so easy to make your own stitching patterns using resources like digital memories.... what fun.

Using the fonts from the scrap booking programs like my memories digital (to get more for your money) and various pictures (depending some of the picture from the digital program would work as well) you can make your own stitching patterns. Here are two that I have been working on.... I have a couple more but they are not done. And well the one here is a work in progress--- notice how lazy I am.. I should be putting tape around the edges so that they do not fray.

This one I had a picture of a family and I added another kid and then used some of the fonts to write the letters below..... the possibilities are endless. I did have to do some hand drawing but it was okay.

This is just one that is finished stitching -- If I was to do this one again I would change the font size... it looked good until I tried to stitch it....

This is also a sneak peak at a quilt I am making for my daughter's birthday.... I have till April and hopefully I will get it done.

Don't forget to visit their website.... what fun. you could also use it to help make a memory quilt... hum that is something I might have to do....


  1. Cute! I have to learn how to do embroidery one of these days. What little I've done, probably isn't done correctly. Oh well.

  2. very nice! i have never tried to i might have to learn!

  3. That is amazing that you can do all of that with this program....thanks for the info.


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