Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bags and more Bags

So, the bag craze has hit my house again.. it comes and goes. I wanted a smaller bag for my daughter and then I wanted something I could make to match their Halloween costumes... so here is the bag... it has a lot of problems... I think I have a problem reading directions or is it the following part....

Well, my daughter loves... what do you think??? She does not get it yet... she has to earn it... LOL

Not sure if I will feel like making the Halloween ones.....


  1. very nice. I just got one that Bev made for me. I haven't made any in awhile but there is one I have been looking at.

  2. In my family I am the Bag Lady. I am going to make a bunch for Christmas...I love bags. Yours are very cute.

  3. Cute bag! I'm into bags now too and I make them now and again. I just got finished making one for my sister and I used placemats. I messed up the inside and had to re-do it. I didn't have directions so I can't say it was bad directions. It was just me measuring wrong, so I can't blame it on anyone else. Your bag looks very cute. I've got several cut out to finish and I'll be showing them too. Have fun with the Halloween bags.

  4. I like it Jen! I am not very good at making bags. I stick to baby quilts, mostly.


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