Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Suprise/something something

So this weekend is some one's special something something.... and I have a surprise for her... the only problem is that it's not done... so it may end-up being late... sorry special person... here is a sneak peak at the something something in progress.. now she will wonder... all the more fun... don't we all like surprises???... It is fun to tease and I hope she does not mind that I am teasing her a little...

Have a great something something Saturday....

I tried this recipes for baked apples... they were way easy and yummy... and they looked gourmet so I have to share a picture....


  1. I know someone you know who is having a special something something this weekend - Saturday, I think! Oh bother, I haven't sent a card or anything. If someone is reading this, just know I am thinking of you - but I am NOT good at sending cards! You are special, XXXX-err someone!

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  3. I don't know if my last comment the look of those apples....I am coming right over. Gene's comment was so funny!!

  4. Both the quilt and the apples looks yummy :)


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