Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Winner!!!!

We have a winner for the Thanks giving blog hop. It is Joyce from NC. 
I'd love Feathered Christmas in green - thanks for the chance to win.

We had a great Thanksgiving. It was a small group, only two of the daughters and their kids (6 adults and 6 kids total) and we had it in  Starbuck at the youngest daughters house. It was nice to go and visit and have someone else do most of the cooking. We had so much food left over and we just kept making more. I think the seven layer dip was a hit, it disappeared and we had to make a second one.  I am so grateful for family and I love all the grandkids and had fun. The noise level and the mess was over whelming at times but all in all I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

We went shopping on black Friday, something none of usually do but it wasn't so bad. We were in Walla Walla and the crowds had either thined out by the time we got there or they all went to Tricities. We hit JoAnns for the flannel and we bought 10 bolts, it was easier that way, then we didn't have to stand in line to get it cut and they had the bolts measured and marked so all you had to do was pick and pay. Yea!!!! Baby blankets coming up. Then we went to WalMart and I got presents for all the grandkids, my daughter helped me with my list of 22 things (can't let the cat out of the bag before Christmas). I am done with the grandkids, now to finish the family presents, whew, I may just make it yet. 

Then we came home and worked on aprons. I helped cut but then the baby needed holding and of course I volunteered for the job so the girls could sew. Oh what a sacrifice that was;) Here are the aprons, they were fairly quick if you don't count all the interruptions from kids.
 The blue and yellow was actually retro fabric, the real stuff. My daughter was given a whole bunch of boxes of craft stuff from an elderly neighbor and there was old fabric in it. The quality isn't as good as we have now but it was definitely cute.
 Oh, one last thing before I go do something productive. All the Christmas fabric in the store will be 20% off for the next week, so if you are still looking for quick presents, there are panels that would make nice placemats or other cute projects. Also a panel (below) to make an advent calendar. Take a moment to look.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Lucky you with the grand baby....the aprons look wonderful. I will pass on the shopping but the flannel sounded like a great deal.

  2. I didn't do any shopping, but I did see that some of the fabric stores had some amazing deals. I am really trying to NOT buy any fabric right now.


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