Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December Block

Hows your Christmas sewing going?

Tomorrow is the City Quilt group meeting. We decided to bring treats and share, instead of working on a project but I still needed to make the December block.  We make a block every month and bring, then someone in the group takes them home and puts them together and finishes it. We sell some at the City Museum and we donate some to the police department to put in their patrol vehicles to use in an emergency.
It is called the Baton Rouge Square and you can find the pattern at McCalls Quilting. It looks like a package with a bow on it, especially when made with Christmas fabric.
Baton DIV


  1. This would be a great block to make, using red, white and blue, for Quilts of Valor. Thanks, I just printed it out.

    1. Hello meen, I've been following your blog for almost 6 months now without leaving any comment so I decided to quickly say hi today, just so you know you've got a fan somewhere. LOL. Your blog makes sense to me just like http://danieluyi.com, another similarly interesting blog that I'm also a fan of.

      Keep it up.

  2. what a pretty block. I can see three of them in a table runner. Thanks for the link.

  3. That is a pretty block and the colors are great.

  4. Cute block, thanks for sharing, I'm with Cheryl, I think it would look good in Red, white and blue. I'm doing a quilt for a friend to give to her DAR group and this one fits the bill. I might just do one in Christmas too. Happy Holidays!


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