Monday, November 18, 2013

Fancy Folded Star Potholder by Maria on Moda Bakeshop

Have you seen the folded star potholders? Jennifer has been making them. She found the recipe on Moda bakeshop.  The tutorial is great and it is a novel way to make folded stars, you should check it out. All you need is the following. 6 Fat Quarters, Disappearing marker, Color matched thread, Cotton batting. This is the one that I made. Instead of folding and sewing them down, you sew the squares on and then fold.

 The first two pictures are the squares sewed on and I folded one point. The last two pictures are of the finished star.

I had fun doing them and I think they would make great Christmas gifts.

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  1. Yours looks fabulous. I still have some that my mother in law made me dozens of years ago.


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