Sunday, November 3, 2013

Costumes and Pumpkins

What a fun time of year! We love pumpkin carving and decorating and caramel apples. Especially, caramel apples. I'm thinking I've gained 10 pounds from eating so many caramel apples!!! Ugh- but they were good.

Pictures of the kids and our pumpkins. Supported a local grower this year. The pumpkins were beautiful and it was fun to watch the kids change their minds a hundred times.

Adrienne carved hers all by herself-- She did a fantastic job!!

Ty did a lot of his on his own this year too!!! Yippee!!! for me - less carving and more time to eat caramel apples.

This is how Megan helped---

They picked out their costumes. I am wishing now that I had made them. I had to sew seams in all three costumes... that is how poorly they were made. They were also over priced. They kids did not seem to care either way. By Halloween night they had already worn their costumes several times and I was lucky to get this photo--- they wanted candy!!
Have a Beautiful Fall Day and get you a caramel apple....


  1. Yeah those store bought costumes just aren't the greatest are they? At least our kiddos have fun in them for a day lol;)

    Caramel apples are divine I agree and maybe a little more healthy than Halloween candy hehehe

    have a fabulous week!!

  2. Some of my favorite childhood memories are visiting such pumpkin farms. Looks like a wonderful day full of memories for years to come. :)


  3. What fun, your kids are getting so big


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