Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Head bands from selvage scraps

I saw these cute headbands out of fabric and my daughters wanted to make some. We used left over selvage scraps and some elastic. Super easy and super fun!!

Then we (the girls) went horseback riding to see and hear the Elk bugle and wear our new headbands. The boys were pheasant hunting (ugh).  It was awesome!! The elk didn't seem to mind us at all. It was an amazing feeling to be there and see them and be "one" with them. Wow!! Definitely want to do that again. It got a little chilly on the way out, but the kids had fun. (sorry no pictures of the elk- it was too dark and the pictures are really hard too see anything.)

Megan's first time on a horse and she was super excited. She did not want to get off.

My awesome friend Jayna (who's horses we rode).


  1. Sure wish I had had such a pretty headband when I was young. But you certainly inspired me for using fabric scraps to make these for young girls now. And, I also enjoyed the photos horseback riding. Just sounds like good all around family fun.


  2. I am sure you and the girls made some memories. Years later one of the will ask the other 'Remember when we rode horses and heard the elk?" And she will get the reply "yes that was the day Mom made those cool headbands!"

  3. I know we must be neighbors, seriously as the fields right now surrounding our home are filled with Pheasant hunters and I always smile when I see the birds on our side of the road where they can't be shot. My grands teachers hubby just got an Elk, so we have to be close to each other since I live about 20 miles south of Oly. Would love a tutorial on the headbands, our middle grand doesn't leave home without a band on and they must be cute!

  4. Cute cute headbands.....cute models!!!

  5. Super cute headbands!!! I think I will start saving my ends and make some of these for my little grand-daughter. Great idea!!!


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