Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back Home and Busy

I haven't posted in over two weeks, not because I didn't have anything to say but because I didn't have anytime to say it in. I have been busyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Well camping was fun and it was so nice to have a week off but .............always there is a price to pay. Catching back up has taken a week. Catching back up on sleep, laundry, yard work, and of course there is all the stuff at work that I got behind on. I hate being behind it is to stressful especially after destressing for a week. Maybe a permanent vacation would solve the problem. lol, like that is going to happen.

I finsihed this quilt for my daughter before going camping but forgot to take a picture of the completed quilt. I was in a hurry to get things done, you know how that goes.
I also finsihed this quilt before I went camping but forgot or at least I can't find the picture of the completed quilt. It was to big for my quilt frame so I had to fold the side over and then take it off the frame and turn it around and pin it back on the frame to finish the sides. I gave it to a friend for their 50th wedding present.

I spent a couple of days cutting out heather feather applique pieces for my daughter for a quilt that we both are working on. I had hoped to get it done before camping but didn't make it, so I figured before I got going on new projects I would get them done and sent.

This is what I spent my Saturday doing. One of my daughters sister in law is getting married and asked if I could make her a dress. I feel like it was a marathon dress making day but it is completed except for the zipper and the handwork. I decided it wasn't wise to tackle a hidden zipper while I am tired so it is going to wait till Monday but I can check another item off my to do list and put it on the to done list.
Well there you go, my life in a nut shell or should I call it the nut house or call me a nut case. I commit to to much, maybe I need to be committed?


  1. I really love that top quilt! and the wedding dress is great. I would love to see it in person (or lots of detail pictures) I don't think I would ever tackle a wedding dress.

  2. I can relate to the busyness. I love that green quilt. Beautiful!

    The wedding dress is lovely too.

  3. I often think of the title "Superwoman" when I think of you. There is nothing you have not done, tried, accomplished. The quilts and the wedding dress are all breath-taking. Yes, I envy your get up and go. If people reading your website only knew about the things you don't mention or rarely canning everything you can get your hands on; work full time; church responsibilities; visiting women each month to see to their needs; taking in meals to others, etc. Well, we are the exact opposite. I manage to get out of bed to my "lift" chair, to the ladies room, to my bed, back to the "lift" chair. I have hired a granddaughter to do my cleaning. My husband is learning to do the laundry and our children and their families bring us in dinner each night. No more flower gardens. All my thousands of dollars of fabric I gave to family members. So what do I do? Sure not what you do. You are absolutely remarkable. I will say it again: PLEASE BOTTLE UP YOUR ENERGY, YOUR SKILLS, YOUR ORGANIZING WAYS, ETC., AND SELL IT. Glad life is good for you and you are good for our lives. Thank you for sharing your beautiful things with us.

  4. I can relate to you been busy too. You have been very busy and it is a good thing. Beautiful quilts and wedding dress. :)

  5. I wish I had your energy - I could get alot done. I think I remember that green quilt - you did good. The wedding dress looks good too. I try not to do many of those anymore


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