Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Where is the summer going and why haven't I gotten anything done?

Where has the summer gone? The stores have school supplies already. I'm not ready for summer to be over. It has been a busy whirl wind here.... moving from one thing to another for the kids or work. Very little time has been spent quilting or sewing or crafting or cleaning or weeding or relaxing (that is what I need- relaxation).We have had some really great moments and lots of fun and I have finished a few things, nothing spectacular.

Here are the kids and a niece out mountain bike riding (we've only gone once this whole summer????? What??? Just too busy I guess.. it was a ton of fun!)
Here is a finished top I just finished- it was originally for my bed and it was out of stash fabrics. I wanted it just a little bigger, but I ran out of material and when I went to the stores to find, I could not find anymore. So this will have to do.
This is a project I'm starting- its for a lady that works for me who is retiring after 34 years!!! Wow! now I just have to get it done before she retires... Sept. 1st is my deadline, I'm not sure if I'm going to make it.
It is in this magazine. I just loved it... I love flowers and so does she.
Finally got the binding on this quilt for my cousin who graduated back in May.... slacker I know.
This quilt is pretty bright.
I am also working on the Sadona Star like my Mom, but I forgot to take pictures--- I will post some progress pictures soon (not that much progress is happening). It is a lot of fun and I'm learning a lot.
This is us at the Golden Spike while we were camping in Utah with the family. My camera was full and I got maybe 6 pictures of the whole week-- very sad indeed.
My brother and his family came to visit--- We had so much fun! Wish they would move closer to us.
Hope you are having a fantastic summer!!!


  1. I understand. I can't believe my kids go back to school in two weeks! But there has been vacation, camp, and lots of little things along the way. Love the idea for your employee. Hope you get it done!

  2. I can definately relate. Seems like I've been spinning my wheels for 3 months now - haven't gotten very much done at all. At least you had a little fun along the way. I love seeing pictures - guess that's all I'll ever get.

  3. If you find where your summer went, please let me know. I've misplaced most of my summer, too. I drive my baby back to college on Tuesday.


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