Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Pattern

Inchworm store now has this pattern for a toilet tank topper by Barb Gaddy. It is pdf format and when you order I will email it to you. No shipping for you or for me, yea!!! Any of the patterns by Barb Gaddy or by Jean DaBell are in pdf format and I can email them to you, just put free shipping in the voucher box and make sure to include an email address and voila it will be in your in box the very next day. I love pdf patterns. I can search and find them when I need them. I can organize them. I don't have as much paper to keep track of, it is the green thing to do. It is also the perfect way to go because it is so easy to do. Let me know what you think, if you like pdf or like getting a paper pattern. And along those lines, does any one out there know how to attach a pdf to a web page so that it can be given away free? I have been trying but haven't been successful yet.

PS. Barb is designing a cute table topper for Valentines Day that we will offer as a pattern or as a kit. Coming very soon so stay tuned, if you loved her Christmas ones you will love this one.


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