Friday, December 9, 2011

I Spy Bags

Have you ever seen these I Spy Bags? They are so cute and fun to make. I have been making these for the last week for Christmas presents, so shhhhhhhhhh it is a secret. I thought I would share some photos and then include the instructions. That way you can copy the instructions if you like with out the hassle of the pictures. Finding things to put in them was like a month long treasure hunt. I found ball beads,dice beads, and letter beads(I spelled their name in each bag), flower, heart and star buttons, bug buttons and cowboy hats. Anything you like. Instead of pellets I have seen people use rice. Your imagination is the limit.

Things You'll Need
· Fleece fabric, Poly pellets, Funnel, Small novelty buttons and items, Clear vinyl, Sewing machine, Thread, Scissors, Pins, Tape measure .
1. Cut the fleece fabric to the dimensions desired. For example, if an 8-inch by 8-inch bag is desired, cut an 18-inch by 9-inch piece of fabric. I cut 2- 6 inch circles, I like the look of the round ones.
2. Fold the fabric in half length-wise and place it folded onto a work surface. Cut a 3-inch square in the center of the fabric for a square one. Or cut a 3-inch circle in the center of the round one.
3. Cut a piece of clear vinyl the size of your square or circle. Lay the vinyl on the wrong side of the square hole or the round hole. Pin the vinyl to the fabric several inches away from the intended sewing line.
4. Stitch around window opening, sewing the vinyl and fabric together. Trim the vinyl seam allowance to 1/2 inch outside the seam. Or I just leave the vinyl all the way to the edge because I feel it gives the cut side a little more stability.
5. Place the right sides of the fabric together. Sew around the edges and leave a 3-inch opening at the top to enable turning. Turn the fabric right side out. You now have an empty I Spy bag with an opening.
6. Select approximately 50 novelty items and buttons to place inside the I Spy bag. Place the items inside the bag. You can make note of the items you place in the bag.
7. Place a funnel into the opening and pour the poly pellets into the bag. Fill the bag so that it is full, yet the items can be moved and shifted around within the bag. Top stitch around all the edges to finish the bag and close the opening.
8 Make a list of most of the items placed in the bag. It isn't necessary to list all of the items; however, most of them should be listed to assist in finding them. Enter the list into a word processing program, print it out onto card stock and consider covering it with contact paper.


  1. That is so cute. The kids would love them.

  2. Those are so fun.....too bad I don't have any grandkids.... I am sure yours will love them....all 100 of them (just kidding)....HA!!

  3. thank you for sharing. I have always wanted to make these


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