Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas traditions

I hang this quilt on my living room wall for Christmas' but I have to admit I didn't make it. I bought it at the thrift store. I just hated to see such a cute quilt not have a home. I love it and I think the grand kids do too.

It was a lousy day at work. My husband banished me to my sewing room. He didn't want to deal with a cranky wife. I have Christmas presents I want and need to make. Just don't know where to start. I guess it doesn't make much difference. I just need to start and not get side tracked doing all the fun projects I see else where. So off to sew have a good week.


  1. What an awesome quilt, I can see why they love it.

    Hope you are doing better today and got some sewing therapy last night.

  2. Love the quilt! Good thing you rescued it ;) Hope your week goes by better. There are worse places to be banished, huh?!

  3. It`s spectacular.You did a great rescue.I love it.

  4. What a cute quilt! How could someone just leave it at a thrift store? Glad you rescued it.


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