Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

I thought I would share a pin cushion that a friend gave me. When we did the pillow class last week she brought 2 pincushions and I just loved this one and asked her if she was going to give it to me for all my hard work. I was teasing but she is so kind she did give it to me and I love it. Thanks Karen.

I have read some wonderful blogs about Easter and watched some really awesome videos. I am not very good at writing what I feel but a song at church that we sang today says it all 'He is Risen". I am truly grateful for the sacrifice and the atonement of Jesus Christ. May each of you feel his love in your life today and always.


  1. I think Easter Sunday should be called Resurection Sunday. Nice pincushion.

  2. Cute pincushion....lucky you!!! Hope you had a nice Easter Sunday.....

  3. I like the pincushion. I've been wanting to make me some. Especially one for my wrist - it would help when loading a quilt


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