Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Valentine Mug Rug

A couple of years ago I taught a class and we made these hot mats. Well I have a few kits still so I decided that they would make cute mug rugs, so instead of working on my other project I got side tracked (side tracked is good) and made this tonight. I think I am going to take it to work and put my water bottle on it. Don't you think it will perk up my cubicle? It will at least make me smile. (I know someone loves me enough to make me a gift for valentines day.)


  1. want me to make you a Valentines gift? I love you enough! You sent me one and I am so glad that you finally made you it!

  2. VERY cute!! Love it!! I think Barb should make you a Valentines gift. After all, she did just get that super new!!

  3. I think it is a great idea for perking up your desk.
    Good idea for office gifts too.


  4. It is so pretty and will definitely cheer up any area.

  5. Absolutely adorable. I don't know how you got the stitching so even as you made the heart shaped stitches one after another. The touch of the master's hand...and that you are. Really charming.

  6. I love the pink in the is so pretty!


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