Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Fabric and New Store Design

Well surprise of all surprises. I thought my order for Christmas Fabric got cancelled in October. Well just look at what showed up on my door step today. Only one bolt but hey better late than never. You can buy it now and get a jump start on the holidays. A Panel is only $4.25. It is made by Blank Quilting and it is prettier in person.

I finally figured out how to get the new logo on the store but I didn't figure out how to get INCHWORM FABRICS with it. I tried editing the picture and adding a text box but it was to small and the background was black and I couldn't figure out how to fix either of those problems. So for now if you are not on the home page there is no name. Hummmm but there is one big Inchworm so maybe that will give you a hint where you are.

I changed the template for the whole website. Do you remember that scene in the cartoon Sleeping Beauty (I think that is the one maybe it was a different Disney movie) where the 2 fairy godmothers keep changing the color of her dress. Well if you had been around my house tonight that is what you would have seen coming from my chimney as I was changing the template. NO Pink, No Blue, No Pink, No Blue. Well anyway it was fun and I think I like the way it looks now, at least for a little while. You should pop on over and see if you like what I have done. You could leave me a comment, if you have some suggestions that might help.


  1. It amazes me what you can do with the computer....great going on your website.

  2. Your website looks wonderful!
    The panels are so sweet!


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