Sunday, January 30, 2011

I love Sundays

I love Sundays because I get to rest and relax. Makes it so I can make it through another week at work.

Jury Duty lasted a week and it seemed like it took forever to deliberate but now it is over and I have tons of work to catch up on. The first day back it took me all day to go through the stuff in my in basket at work. I haven't done much at home either. My kids and grandkids were here over the weekend so I spent time playing with the grandkids, they wont be little forever and I am just getting more creaky every day.

I participate in a block lotto at the local quilt store and I have won a few times, one set of blocks were not my style and I didn't have any ideas on how to use them, so I gave them to one of my daughters and this is the quilt she came up with. She is making it for a friend that loves it. She left it for me to quilt. Don't you think she did a good job?

Well hopefully this will be a quiet week and I will find time to do something fun. Enjoy February and I will be having a giveaway, so check back soon.


  1. You forgot to say that it was your Birthday and that is why you had alot of company.....

    The quilt turned out really nice...can't wait to see it quilted.

  2. The quilt turned out cute. I am a bad sister I let your birthday just past by me. Well I hope that you had a wonderful day and Happy Belated Birthday. Love ya. Glad you are done with jury duty.


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