Monday, November 8, 2010

Tonights project

I am trying to make a effort to do something every night. I had this baby top ready so I decided to quilt it tonight. Baby quilts really don't take to long but it is getting my tired body to muster up the energy to do it after I get home from work. I just want to veg but I have a goal to get somethings done for a Bazaar this weekend. Hurrah for goals.....not! Check back to see what I get done tomorrow.

I just read Barb's blog. She can't dance to much there is only 3 years between her and me and only a year between her and Margaret. I just wanted to clarify before everyone thought I was some old decrepit over the hill, on their death bed grandma. I may have 17 grandkids (she got the number wrong, another clarification) but there is a little pep left in this middle age body (I say if you aren't over 70 you are middle age). I may not be able to run a marathon but I still can out run the grandkids, well most of them anyway.

We are definitely going to have a 4 sis and mom giveaway, we are just trying to get it to fit into our many schedules, well maybe my schedule, I think the rest are ready to go. Soon very soon. So check back, to make sure you dont miss it.


  1. How can I keep up with all those grandbabies.... I gave it my best shot. Love the baby quilt.

  2. You two are funny!! LOVE the new inchworm, too cute! Hey girl, get some more light on your pictures, please?

  3. Cute baby quilt!

    I'll bet the gals in your family have a geat time teasing each other.


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