Wednesday, November 17, 2010

4 Sister and a Mom giveaway

Looks like I am last again. I am home sick today and remembered that I needed to pick a winner. I got home late last night and was feeling lousy so I went to bed and didn't do a thing. So I hope everyone (meaning my sisters and mom) will forgive me.

Well now to the fun part, I used a random number generator and the winner of my giveaway is

Penny at Penny's Hands. (I didn't realize there was a problem, hopefully it is fixed now, thanks for the feed back)

So email me and let me know your address and I will ship it out this week. Just to remind you I added a Objects of Desire honey bun by Moda (sorry I put the wrong honey bun the first time) to the Thimbleberries patterns. I hope you enjoy them.

I think I may go back to bed. Hope everyone has a great day and thanks for entering. I sure enjoy your comments and the time you take to come by.


  1. You are a tease! Hope you get to feeling better!! Try to get some serious rest! yea right? right?

  2. I can see some pretty red shapes as the winner - can I say that's me? Please???

  3. it is most likely just my computer but the winner looks like garbalie goop to me!!

  4. ? I can't read the name of the winner.

  5. I can't figure out that picture! It is all red figures or something LOL. Hope you feel better, Sandy


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