Saturday, November 27, 2010


We had a blizzard on Monday and it has been bitter cold all week. Five of my seven kids and their families were here for Thanksgiving. My house seems really small with that many people in it and the noise level was incredible at times. Since our nest has been empty for awhile we have grown accustom to the quiet. Don't get me wrong, we loved having family here but it was so cold we were all going stir crazy. I haven't left the house since I got home Monday after work. Everyone else was coming and going, I think they couldn't take being cooped up for that long.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and you did what you enjoy. Maybe got some good deals shopping. I know JoAnns had some tempting sales but not tempting enough for me to go out in the cold, maybe I can hit them next year.

Just a reminder everything in the Inchworm Store is 15% off. For the rest of the month in celebration of Cyber Monday. I have two Christmas Panels from Moda on sale for $4.00.

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  1. I just love those panels....sure hope they come my way soon. glad you had a great time with family...


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